14_BereavementIn addition to the priests, there is also a bereavement support group (Ministry of Consolation) at St Anne’s that caters to the pastoral needs of families who have lost a dear one. The group supports the bereaved person or family with prayer and encouragement, helping them to deal with their loss. The group also assists in organising and leading prayer services during the week, at the funeral (in the church, crematorium or cemetery.
PURPOSE To reach out with compassion, support, guidance and prayers to those grieving the loss of a near and dear one.



The team helps the bereaved family in planning funeral liturgies, and provides assistance on the day of the funeral Mass.
If needed, the team accompanies the family to help cope with the loss and grief by offering spiritual and moral support.




Persons with the ability to understand, comfort and console, while at the same time able to provide practical guidance.




Approximately 2-3 hours a month.

For those who would like to help; kindly contact: