Name Change

A change of name can take place by contacting the Catholic Church where one was baptized/ name given or the local Lutheran Church (Folkekirken). In some cases special permission is required from “Statsamt”. A fee is required in both cases.

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A change of name for persons born outside of Denmark, according to a new law, can be arranged by the Parish Priest. A change of name due to marriage does not take place automatically according to the new law dated April 2006. It is still possible to take the spouse’s last name from the time of the wedding ceremony. This requires a special form which can be got from the priest (keeper of the records) of the parish in which one was baptised or named. A non-catholic spouse must contact the Lutheran Church (Folkekirken) where he/she lives. If one is born in South Jutland (Sønderjylland) one contacts the local registry office (kommunekontor) of one’s birthplace. In order to obtain a change of name in connection with the marriage ceremony, an application should be sent to the local registry office (kommune kontor) where the legality of the marriage has to be verified.