Lectors’ Ministry

The Lectors Ministry (PSALM: Proclamators of St. Anne’s Lectors Ministry)

“It is Christ Himself who speaks when the Holy Scriptures are read. They must be proclaimed with due preparation, devout attention and meditative silence”: Pope John Paul II.

The service of the “Lector” is one of the Ministries in the church in which men and women may be mandated with the responsibility to proclaim the Sacred Scriptures during the Liturgical Celebration. St. Anne’s priests, work closely with the Lector Ministry Coordinators: Rosalinda Jimenez and Robert Uy, to guide, instruct and train readers. Meetings and workshops are held with emphasis on the importance of the many facets of study and preparation. Lectors are scheduled for all Sunday Liturgies and also throughout the masses on Days of Obligation.

DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES Prepare in advance for the worthy proclamation of the Word of God.

Read the selected scripture passages to the congregation from the pulpit.

Read out the introduction to the Scripture readings and to the Mass.

Necessary guidelines, training and support will be provided in order that the Lectors are properly prepared to assist in proclaiming God’s message.

QUALIFICATIONS Exemplary and practising Catholics, who are regular Churchgoers; living a life of devotion and moral integrity.

Ability to read / speak in English in front of a large group confidently with conviction and clarity.

TIME COMMITMENTS Approximately 5-15 minutes of preparation time as well as attendance of weekend masses.


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