Taxes: Church Taxes

The Catholic Church in Denmark does not receive direct economical assistance from the state. It is dependent on the financial support given by the members of the church. This applies both to the diocese and the parishes. It is the moral duty of every Catholic to give a definite contribution to the church. In the diocese there is a general tax arrangement whereby one commits oneself to an annual payment based percent wise on one’s yearly income – at the moment 2% – or a set sum of similar size whereby 70% is returned to support one’s own parish.

By choosing the general tax arrangement one can deduct the sum from one’s yearly income tax returns (selvangivelse).

More information concerning the church tax arrangement can be got from the parish priest or the Bishop’s Office – Katolsk Bispekontor, Gl. Kongevej 15, DK-1610 Copenhagen V, attn: Lillian Munch Jakobsen, phone +45 33 55 60 80. E-mail:

A Catholic does not have to pay tax (kirkeskat) to the State Church (Folkekirken). In your own interest you should check this especially in the case of newcomers from abroad, converts and youth. This information can be found on the annual tax returns sent by the tax office. One can receive compensation from past paid tax for up to a period of 5 years. If one has not given a definite sum to the Catholic Church in the same period, it would only be right to give the sum received in compensation to the Catholic Church.