Parish Halls

Saint Anne’s Church is blessed with a number of facilities. Of these facilities are the two halls: St. Liguori’s Hall (Large Hall) and St. Clement’s Hall (Small Hall) with a seating capacity of 150 and 40 respectively. Priority is given to those who make use of the Church for Church-related purposes like: Baptisms, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, Wedding, Funerals, Anniversaries and so on.

The Halls are also available for other secular purposes after consultation with the priests of their respective language groups (Of course with priority to members of the parish and church related activities).

The instructions to follow:
1. To sweep the floor (wash the area where any liquids have fallen on the floor).
2. No smoking in the halls.
3. Keep the Utensils and Cutlery washed, dried and in the respective places.
4. Empty the trash and make sure the surroundings around the hall are clean. and tidy. Remind the guests where the wastebaskets are, to avoid littering the premises (cans / cigarette stubs / chewing gums). Special care to see that the stairway to the hall and the surroundings to the church are kept clean and not littered after use. The waste needs to be sorted out into different transparent waste bags: as Cans/Metal/Tin – Plastic / paper – Food – Bottles. If not, they will be required to take the waste bags along with them and dispose them elsewhere.
5. Keep the toilets clean: (sufficient toilet paper supplied by the party renting the hall).
6. Make sure to take home all personal belongings and recheck that nothing is misplaced or taken away by mistake from the hall.
7. Replace everything as it were (chairs, tables, etc).
8. Make sure the hall is secured and locked when you leave.Turn off all the lights and water taps. Close all windows.
9. Contact the priest-in-charge for the use of the sound system and other special facilities.
10. Payment may be made before or after the event. The one in-charge must check the hall and and all the equipment.
11. Kindly inform about any damage, breakages or missing items. If any damage or loss of items are discovered it will be taken from the deposit amount to make up for the loss or requested of those who have rented the halls.
12. Be aware of Church ceremonies, in order to avoid disturbance.
13. The halls will be closed latest by 23.00 to avoid any disturbance to the neighbours.
Thanks for understanding and cooperating.