The Redemptorists

The Redemptorists


The motto of our Congregation – “Copiosa Apud Eum Redemptio” – means: “With Him there is Plentiful Redemption”. Like St. Alphonsus, we follow Jesus the Redeemer in preaching this Good News to the poor.

The Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (C.Ss.R.) commonly know as the Redemptorists  have been taking care of the congregation and church at St. Anne’s. The Redemptorists Order was founded in 1732 by St. Alfonsus Maria de Liguori. They consist of approximately 5300 members serving various missions around the world in 78 countries.

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The Redemptorists in Denmark

Copenhagen                        Næstved                               Odense
Saint Anne´s Church       Our Lady´s Church          Saint Albani Church
Sankt Annæ kirke)                (Vor Frue kirke)                     (Sankt Albani kirke)
Hans Bogbinders Allé 4         Præstøvej 29                           Adelgade 1
DK-2300 Copenhagen S        DK-4700 Næstved.               DK-5000 Odense C.
Tlf.: +45 27 65 10 69               Tlf.: +45 55 72 09 85            Tlf.: +45 28 96 55 17
Superior: Wieslaw Podlach   Superior: Julian Bodnar      Superior: Bernhard Kofod
E-mail:       E-mail:   E-mail:

Picture 1               Fr Julian                  Fr. Bernanrrd

Priests who served at St. Anne’s
2005- pres. Fr. Wieslaw Podlach
2009-2015  Fr. Benny Mathew
1983-pres.  Fr. Stefan Huber
1980-1983   Fr. Josef Völk
1978-1980   Fr. J. Adams
1972-1978   Fr. A Huber
1962-1972   Fr. J Adams
1959-1962   Fr. L Brunicardi
1956-1959   Fr. K Marischka
1953-1956   Fr. K Harmer
1948-1953   Fr. R Freitag
1946-1948   Fr. Franz Klar
1939-1946   Fr. R Freitag
1936-1939   Fr. H Deutscher
1930-1936   Fr. R Freitag
1924-1930   Fr. Franz Klar
1918-1924   Fr. Josef Resch
1909-1918   Fr. G. Schmiderer
1908-1909   Fr. Josef Resch
1904-1908   Fr. G. Schmiderer
1902-1904   Fr. Josef Resch
1901-1902   Fr. W. Wenig

Chaplain for the English-language Group and Filipino community

2022-pres. Fr. Marcin Gacek
2017-2022 Fr. Piotr Grzeskiewicz
2015-2017 Fr. Andrzej Szorc
2009-2015 Fr. Joe Toms Josey
1978-2009 Fr. Patrick Shields
Chaplain for the Polish-language Group/ -community

2019-pres. Fr. Wieslaw Podlach
2016-2019 Fr. Slawomir Romanowski
2006-2016 Fr. Lezek Kapusta
Chaplain for the Spanish-language Group

Jacek Stanislawski