Visit the Sick & Homebound

Visit the Sick and Homebound Ministry

Parishioners unable to participate in Sunday Mass because of health or age are visited regularly. The parish priests and Eucharistic Ministers are available to bring communion to those confined in their homes. Please notify the parish office of anyone who would appreciate a pastoral visit. If a relative or friend is seriously ill, anticipating an operation, or quite aged, please make arrangements with the Priest-in-charge for the celebration of the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.

Please feel free to inform the Priests or Deacons or Eucharistic Ministers, if you know of a person who is sick and in need of prayers and support. Kindly do not wait until the last moment to contact us (for contacts: Go here. We are at your service.

Preparation for Communion at home:

1. Prepare a small table with a white cloth, two candles and a crucifix on it.
2. Have some drinking water ready for the sick to drink after receiving Communion.
3. Maintain an atmosphere of silence and prayer while accompanying the priest who come with Communion.
PURPOSE To provide support, comfort and prayer to parishioners who are homebound or residents of local nursing homes / hospices, and to bring Holy Communion to them.
DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES Bring spiritual aid and friendly comfort to the sick or lonely by bringing the Holy Communion to them and by providing other practical help, if requested.
QUALIFICATIONS Maturity, compassion and a willingness to help.
TIME COMMITMENTS Approximately 3 hours a month.
Contacts Fr. Andrew Szorc


For those who would like to help: Sign Up Sheet