Music Ministry

The Music Ministry: SAMM

The Music Ministry oversees the planning and development of the music program according to the liturgy of St. Anne’s. The work involves:

(i) planning the music used for the Sunday masses celebrated in church,

(ii) the training of the choirs and musicians of the church,

(iii) the coordination between celebrants, altar servers, choirs, musicians, lectors, communion ministers, and wardens for masses.

“For he that singeth praise, not only praiseth, but only praiseth with gladness: he that singeth praise, not only singeth, but also loveth him of whom he singeth. In praise, there is the speaking forth of one confessing; in singing, the affection of one loving.” St. Augustine of Canterbury. In other words: “He who sings prays twice.”.

The musicians at St. Anne’s Parish offer different styles of music, from solo to choral. A cantor acts as the Leader of Song, accompanied with voices like: Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass and supported by instruments like by organ, piano, percussion, guitars, bass guitar, percussion brass and strings. Want to join a choir? The Choirs meet at 19.00 every Friday for rehearsal. Cantors and soloists for the Masses practice at a time prearranged with the organist and other musicians.

S.A.M.M: Saint Anne’s Music Ministry

Saturday Choir @ 17:00 Mass & Novena

Contact: Chill & Therry Mayorga

Tel: +45 26 39 50 32


Sunday 17:00 Mass

Contact: Al

DCICMM: For all the English speaking parishes in the larger area of Copenhagen.

DCIC Music Ministries Concert at St. Anne’s Church: here


PURPOSE To provide music for all liturgical services, thus creating an atmosphere of prayer, praise and worship with the help of vocalists and instrumentalists (musicians).

To encourage and inspire the congregation to actively participate and benefit through the church services.

DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES Attendance at weekly choir practice and at one of the weekend Masses.
QUALIFICATIONS Musical talent and interest, either as vocalist or instrumentalist (musician), and a willingness to develop one’s musical skill through regular practice.
TIME COMMITMENTS Approximately 2 hours a week.